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11/05/15 COFACE, the EU association representing the interests of EU families is holding a conference in Spain today on retail banking and alternative finance

COFACE Conference: Accessible and fair financial services – alternatives to mainstream banking 11-12 May | Madrid, Spain COFACE will host a conference on the theme of financial inclusion and the alternatives to mainstream banking on 11 & 12 May in Madrid. The conference will directly address some key issues about access to independent and quality information and essential... [more...]

13/06/13 Indebtedness in Ireland: Debt and Dying.... research into the burden of funerals on the Traveller community

Debt and Dying Understanding and addressing the impact of funeral costs for Travellers in Ireland An exploratory analysis for National Traveller MABS The Financial Burden Of Funerals within the Traveller Community In 2010, Dr Stuart Stamp, Maura Boyle and Ciara Murray carried out exploratory research on behalf of National Traveller MABS into the financial burden of... [more...]

05/07/11 Minimum Income Standards – UK report

The new 2011 MIS report has been launched today.   The report, A Minimum Income Standard for the UK in 2011, is available to download from This report is JRF’s annual update of the ‘minimum income standard’, based on what members of the public think people need to achieve a socially acceptable standard of... [more...]

26/10/06 Housewives as Guarantors and the Nobel Prize - While Microlending Schemes that focus on housewives as borrowers get the Nobel Prize, the third conference of the Bremen/Oxford research...

In its third meeting, the Bremen/Oxford research project on UNFAIR SURETYSHIPS IN THE ENLARGED EUROPEAN UNION will gather at Hotel Munte (in Bremen on November 3-4 2006) researchers from all over Europe, especially the East and Scandinavia, to discuss the legal and economic aspects of suretyships which use family ties as a means for debt enforcement. While such use has... [more...]

04/08/06 Brussels 2006 - Report on Workshop 9 "Family and Credit: Does Consumer Credit threaten Family Ties?" chaired by Aurelia Ciacchi

REPORT ABOUT THE WORKSHOP “Family and Credit: Does Consumer Credit Threaten Family Ties?” (by Dr. Dott. Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, LL.M.) I. GENERAL INTRODUCTION “Family” and “Credit” go hand in hand in many respects. Their mutual interaction has both good and bad sides. One may see this interaction from a threefold perspective: benefits, needs, and problems. First,... [more...]

27/06/06 Adequate protection of family ties from misuse and exploitation in responsible credit relations. Third Bremen Conference on "Unfair Suretyships in the Enlarged European Union" to be led...

Members of ECRC still remember the workshop on family and credit at the 2006 Brussels conference which brought together suppliers, social scientists and lawyers und the chairwomanship of Dr. Dott. Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, LL.M. who is also in charge of the Bremen project on Unfair Suretyships. The project cares for the diversity of cultural inheritance in Europe with... [more...]

29/04/06 Workshop 9 "Family and Credit: Does Consumer Credit threaten Family Ties?" Workshop outline by Aurelia Ciacchi

FAMILY AND CREDIT Dr. Dott. Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, LL.M.* Below is a list of questions covering some of the issues that will be discussed within the “Family and Credit” workshop panel which will include the participation of: myself, Aurelia Ciacchi, acting chairperson and senior researcher from the ZERP Centre of European Law and Politics at the University of Bremen;... [more...]

28/04/06 Workshop 9 "Family and Credit: Does Consumer Credit Threaten Family Ties" Presentation by Gail Burks

OUTLINE Non-Discrimination in Lending Debt Types Legal Debt Instruments (contracts) Co-signers Psychological / Emotional Impact NON-DISCRIMINATION LAWS Equal Credit Opportunity Act Fair Housing Act Unfair & Deceptive Practices (UDAP) DEBT TYPES Real Estate Related Transactions Consumer Transactions Secured Transactions Unsecured Transactions LIABILITY DETERMINATIONS... [more...]

28/04/06 Workshop 9 "Family and Credit": NON-LEGISLATIVE HARMONISATION: PROTECTION FROM UNFAIR SURETYSHIPS. Background Paper by Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi

I. THE ADVANTAGES OF NON-LEGISLATIVE HARMONISATION The debate on the creation of a common contract law for Europe has concentrated so far predominantly on legislative harmonisation. With “legislative harmonisation” this paper means not only legislation in the strict sense, but also non-binding, optional instruments which are drafted in the form of model laws, no matter... [more...]

25/04/06 Does consumer credit threaten family ties? Niall Cooper National Coordinator Church Action on Poverty

UK Household debt • UK household debt now exceeds £1 trillion (€1.5 trillion) • 6.1 million families reported some difficulties meeting their debt repayments • Citizens Advice Bureaux advisers across the UK now see over 1 million new consumer debt cases per year – up by 47% in 5 years. Debt and poverty • More than ½ households in serious debt have incomes of less than... [more...]

08/03/06 FG Disburses N48m Soft Loans to Women

THE Federal Government yesterday disbursed the sum of N48 million Women Fund for Economic Empowerment (WOFEE) soft loan to 8 states as a way of empowering Nigerian women economically. Also in order to create awareness of investment opportunities that will promote rural industrialization and encourage enterprise management through the use of locally available material... [more...]

26/01/06 Credit card firm targets teens

MasterCard was accused yesterday of encouraging teenagers to go into debt with the launch of a payment card for children. The biggest credit card group is issuing prepayment cards to let youngsters purchase products on plastic. How much the teenagers can spend is limited by the amount that their parents are prepared to deposit in advance, but the scheme was described... [more...]


A payment card group today defended its decision to issue pre-paid cards to children as young as 13, claiming they helped stop bullying and promoted good financial management. Pre-paid card issuer bluecorner is offering the cards in association with teen magazines such as Smash Hits! and Bliss, as well as through radio station magic FM, where they are aimed at adults who... [more...]

01/11/05 Banking the unbanked - a snapshot November 2005

1 Contents List of figures 3 Acknowledgments 5 Foreword 7 Summary of recommendations 9 Preface 11 1. Introduction 13 2. Methodology 17 3. About the people 24 4. The Informed Choice Discussion 26 5. Marketing 30 6. About the product 33 7. Application process 36 Visiting financial institutions Implementing identification and address verification guidelines 8. Accounts opened... [more...]


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