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ECRC Conferences in 2014

These national conferences organised, supported and attended by members of the ECRC share the aim of promoting responsible credit by improving the dialogue and exchanges between all stakeholders of financial services' markets. We encourage partners to try and lead the same initiatives in their country.

Birmingham, UK, 11th March 2014: Annual CfRC Conference: “How should we respond to Britain’s Personal Debt Crisis?”

Washington DC, USA, 12-15 March 2014: Annual 2014 NCRC Conference, “A Just Economy: Ideas, Action, Impact”

  • Organizer: National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC)
  • Webpage/Registration:(

Vilnius, Lithuania, 24 March 2014: "The Relationship Between Banks And Their Clients In The Aftermath Of The Financial Crisis"

Gramado, Brazil, 12-15 May 2014: XII National Conference of Consumer Right: "Developments in Consumer Law: Vulnerability and Inclusion" (“Direito do Consumidor e Desenvolvimento: Vulnerabilidade e Inclusão”)"

Hamburg, Germany, 22-23 May 2014: Annual financial services conference: "The role of incentives in financial services"

Sintra, Portugal, September 2014: (Title to be decided)

  • Organizer: Municipal Authority of Sintra (details to come)
  • Programme: Exact Date and Programme to be announced soon


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