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Below is a listing of certain products and services found on the European credit markets, which ECRC feels, contain or display features that are particularly “responsible” and socially innovative. The listing of a financial institution’s product on this page in no way represents a judgement on the overall stance that the provider has chosen to take in terms of either promoting fair finance practices, abiding to the ECRC’s Principles of Responsible Credit, or even meeting the criteria for Corporate Social Responsibility. The products below are examples of what we would like to call a loose benchmark for cases of “Best-Practice” in the banking industry. A comment box is provided for those aware of any contradicting or more harmful practices/products that the same bank may also be offering to its customers.

We encourage all ECRC members and other readers of this site to share their knowledge of such positive products, so that we can post those here too. If it can be any incentive to banks designing new products, we intend to hold a prize ceremony at our “Responsible Credit” Brussels Conference in September 2007, to vote on a “best financial service product” supplied to customers from among all the nominated products listed here, which all exemplify the idea of responsible banking-client relationships.


Created: 20/12/06. Last changed: 20/12/06.
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