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Indebtedness in Ireland: Debt and Dying.... research into the burden of funerals on the Traveller community
Debt and Dying
Understanding and addressing the impact of funeral costs for Travellers in Ireland
An exploratory analysis for National Traveller MABS

The Financial Burden Of Funerals within the Traveller Community

In 2010, Dr Stuart Stamp, Maura Boyle and Ciara Murray carried out exploratory research on behalf of National Traveller MABS into the financial burden of funerals within the Traveller community.

The research aimed among other things to:
  • Explore the importance of the funeral within the Traveller Community
  • Explore the costs that can be incurred as a result of a bereavement
  • Identify how funeral costs are currently met within the Traveller Community
  • Identify any barriers to meeting such costs
  • Examine how barriers identified can be overcome and
  • Recommend possible alternatives to the present situation.

The research methodology was primarily qualitative in nature. Stuart and Maura carried out many in-depth interviews with key informants in the area. These included service providers, such as the insurance industry, funeral directors, money advisors and clergy. Interviews were also carried out nationally with several key individuals within the Traveller community as well as individual Travellers who had experienced debt following the burial of a loved one. Ciara worked with a number of Traveller-specific focus groups to further explore the various issues that had become apparent. Feedback from these focus groups will be contained in the final report.

ID: 48324
Publication date: 13/06/13

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