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The European Coalition for Responsible Credit

The European Coalition for Responsible Credit is a networking and policy influencing association of consumer agencies, academics, and other non governmental organisations formally created in 2006 during the concluding sessions of the international “Responsible Credit” conference in Brussels, and the shared concern by most participants to help establish a tangible, long-lasting, and hopefully self-sustaining structure that could replace previous looser networks that existed.

The ECRC’s objectives involve the development of principles for responsible financial services provision, including the promotion of access to credit for low income households within the EU; the sharing of expertise on regulatory systems; and the promotion of ethics in financial services provision. The statutes of the coalition can be found by clicking on the link below. The ECRC has achieved within only a short space of time, to build up a considerable network of organisations, and has successfully engaged the providers of financial services and policy making bodies, so that discussion of issues surrounding financial services is informed by debate across the consumer, supplier, and regulatory sides.

The activities of ECRC include the development of a multi-lingual website to facilitate the sharing of information; the organisation of conferences at national and international level, and the publishing of a set of principles for responsible credit that have been discussed within the EU Commission, EU Parliament, as well as within national legislatures.

The ECRC Secretariat, held on a rotating basis among the partners of the coalition, is currently located at the offices of the Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen e.V. (institute for financial services, IFF) in Hamburg, Germany.


Link to ECRC Statutes and more

What is ECRC? pdf file


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