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Issues of the ECRC newsletter try to provide a brief update on consumer credit developments, EU legislation efforts and national consumer and related activities including recent efforts undertaken by the coalition. Its publication aims to be relatively frequent and reasonably regular but time periods between each edition vary. We remind the many readers of this website that the latest information is generally made available under the "news" sections of our respective websites (i.e. on our four language websites dealing with issues of responsible credit and our global fair finance website which tends to cover more international news & commentary particularly relevant for developing countries). These websites are constantly being improved and we encourage any offer from our readers to share relevant news and analysis with the coalition network partners. We thank you for your support and involvement in making Europe’s credit markets as responsible as possible and we welcome any help and contributions from you. This could start with your signing of the ECRC Principles, your joining as a member of ECRC, and your participation and registration to our central conference in Brussels on September 14 and 15, 2007.

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