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The ECRC international conference was a success in many different ways and we thank all those who participated and were involved, least of all our Sponsors who made the event possible: Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and GE Money.

Below are the 4 conference related documents relating to "Brussels 2007". The first is the main conference reader containing abstracts and contributions from the 40+ speakers obtained as a hard copy in the hand by all those who attended the conference over the 2 days; the second is a valuable report produced on the "Principles of Responsible Credit" as a result of the exchanges and thoughts that were discussed; the third is a graphical display of the answers from the "Stakeholder parliament" where conference participants were asked to vote on a range of subjects and issues; and the fourth item is a reminder of the issues and minutes of the panel discussions that took place.

  • Conference Reader - Brussels 2007: pdf file (124 P.)
  • “Principles of Responsible Credit - Practical Applications and Requirements for Responsible Lenders” (An expertise conducted by ECRC and iff for the German Federal Consumer Association (vzbv) using groundwork material and preliminary findings from the ECRC’s International Conference in Brussels, September 2007)pdf file (click here)
  • The Stakeholder parliament (preliminary results of the interactive voting) pdf file (click here)
  • Issues and Minutes from Panel Discussions pdf file (click here)

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