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National Conferences held in 2005 / 2006:


Geneva, September 30, 2005: „Finance & Society: Adversaries or Partners?"

Berlin, October 24, 2005: „Responsible Lending"

London, November 14/15, 2005: „Debt on our Doorstep, Fair Finance and Responsible Lending"

Netherlands, January 24, 2006:

  • Organizer: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Volkskrediet (NVVK)
  • Issues: Small Business Finance, Consumer Credit Legislation, Debt Advice

Hamburg, February 17/18, 2006: „Verantwortung im Verbraucherkredit“

Athens, February 24, 2006: „Responsible lending: defense against consumers’ over-indebtedness"

La Valetta, March 17/18, 2006: „Regional Consumer Law Conference: Consumer Credit including the proposed EU Directive (second panel)"

Washington, March 22 -25, 2006: Annual Meeting

  • Organizer:  National Community Reinvestment Coalition (National Community Reinvestmant Coalition)
  • NCRC Annual Conference "Economic Injustice: The Ongoing Hurricane" Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. March 22nd - 25th, 2006 (click here for more information).
    The NCRC Annual Conference is the premier training and networking event bringing together community and lending leaders from across Europe, the US and other nations around the workd to discuss strategies, tools and efforts to build wealth in traditionally underserved communities.
  • Programme and Contents:pdf file .pdf, 149 KB

Trento, April 7, 2006: „Credito Responsabile"

Paris, April 10, 2006:

Helsinki, April 2006 "The Nordic Contribution to Responsible Credit"

Bern, November 10, 2006: "Konsum, Kredit, Schulden" (Conference Website)


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