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EU Bank accounts – Another Consultation on bank accounts has been launched. This consultation follows on from the previous 2 consultations on the basic bank account which is subject to a Recommendation and possibly further action
Consultation on Bank accounts

20.3.2012: Consultation on Bank accounts, deadline: 12.6.2012, Midday Express, MEX/12/0320

Objective of the consultation The purpose of this consultation is to gather stakeholders’ views on the need for action and on the possible measures to be taken in relation to the issues of transparency and comparability of bank account fees, bank account switching and access to a basic payment account.

View the consultation document Consultation on Bank accounts

More information of bank accounts

27.3.2012: Consultation for Erasmus/exchange students, deadline: 19.6.2012

Objective: The Commission would like to find out what obstacles EU citizens face when they move to another EU country as an Erasmus or exchange student and try to open a bank account. Submit your contribution: Access to the online questionnaire.

ID: 47991
Publication date: 28/03/12

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