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International financial services conference 2015 – Over 200 attendees in Hamburg
Last week, on 7 and 8th of May 2015, Stakeholders met in Hamburg to discuss a range of issues in retail financial services. The annual event gathered over 200 participants and speakers and was a success. The ECRC supported this conference organised by iff together with the consumer centers and the German debt advice association. While the attendance was primarily from actors from Germany, the international guests were also present and we hope that next year even more of the coalition partners as well as scientists, policy makers and providers from other EU Member States and abroad will attend and be a part of the exchanges.
The 10th International Financial Services Conference took place in Hamburg on May 7/8, 2015. It continues to be a unique forum for banks, financial service providers, consumer associations, debt advice services, academia, the media and policy makers to discuss current national and international issues affecting consumers of financial services. This year’s event covered a range of subjects addressing the motto of the conference which was “Bank Regulation: Too much – too little?”. A conference reader was prepared and is available from the website (link below).

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Publication date: 11/05/15

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