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EU Retail financial services and consumer policy conference invites stakeholder views to help EU policy making on emerging challenges

This conference in Brussels on 18 November 2014 has been organised by the European Commission with input from the FSUG and is being held in the buildings of the EESC where civil society and the voice of the users of financial services will have a chance together with other stakeholders to discuss some key emerging challenges in retail financial services: Four prepared panels include issues around: product governance, behavioural economics, mortgage credit and payments. It is positive to see that such a high level conference and dialogue is being organised in a forward looking way anticipating problems and alternative solutions – Have policy makers understood a lesson from the crisis that proactive regulation can deliver net benefits for the economy and society?        

Conference on emerging challenges in retail finance and consumer policy

When? 18.11.2014

Where? European Economic and Social Committee, “Van Maerlant Building”, 2 rue Van Maerlant, 1040 Brussels, 2nd floor, room EESC (room VM3)

The main objective of the event is to discuss the topics which, following the financial crisis, are considered to be of high importance in the context of the retail financial services and consumer policy both at national and EU level. In addition, the conference should provide a valuable input to the work programme of the incoming European Commission to be appointed in the summer.

The conference will be an interactive event where we will very much welcome the exchange of views and involvement of all participants. For this purpose, not only will they be invited to ask questions following each of the 4 Panel sessions, but they will also have a chance to take active part in more informal break-up discussions in the afternoon. To prepare for this, we have prepared brief steering notes, which can be found below, and which present in detail conference topics and raise questions which we would like to address in the debates. These notes will also be circulated to the conference participants in advance to the event.

Our intention is to take a closer look at the following issues:

  • Panel 1 will address different product governance policies and the initiatives encouraging financial institutions to offer products which are simple and take into consideration consumers' interests.
    Read the note (556 KB)
  • Under Panel 2 we will explore the ways allowing to make a better use of the insights of behavioural economics in policymaking in the area of financial services.
    Read the note (578 KB)
  • Panel 3 will look at issues related to the mortgage credit which have been raised in the context of the financial crisis, including helping borrowers in payment difficulties and further facilitating cross-border supply of mortgage credit.
    Read the note (552 KB)
  • Panel 4 will discuss latest developments in the area of payments, and the ones to come, in terms of consumers' safety, accessibility and convenience.
    Read the note (533 KB)

If you already have any comments or questions with respect to the steering notes that you would like us to address during the conference, please send them to:

Click here to download the conference updated agenda (2 MB).

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Publication date: 23/10/14

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