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RESEARCH: ECRC partner iff and its research partners have been awarded a framework contract for expertise services to the European Parliament.
The iff joint consortium for the European Parliament framework contract on consumer protection has been successful.
In a multiple framework tender, the iff bid for lot 2 of the Impact Assessment and European Added Value and has been awarded a framework contract. The exact number of awarded entities (potential future bidders) for this lot is not clear.
Iff is one of 5 partners in a consortium led by the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The other partners are the University of Manchester, University Carlos II of Madrid, The Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) and the Szechenui Istvan University (Hungary)
The maximum Lot 2 budget available over 4 years is €230,000. Bids will be open to the restricted entities on a needs basis. Seeing as the Parliament is slowly increasing initiating its own reports (as opposed to commenting and reporting on Commission proposals) and seeing the still busy agenda on financial services regulation, there should be some iff relevant topics to bid for over the next 4 years. We look forward to further collaborating with these respected international partners and researchers in the consortium in the area of law.

As a reminder the lot in question is no. 2 Internal Market and consumer protection. The EP DG is Internal Policies (but not the Directorate for Economic and Scientific Policies (CRD IV) but the new Dircetorate impact assessment and European added value.
Request of external expertise or analysis in the fields of the internal market and consumer protection.
This lot covers in particular:
— internal market (including notably legislation in respect of the internal market and customs union, and the identification and removal of potential obstacles to the full functioning of the internal market),
— consumer protection (including notably promotion and protection of the economic interests of consumers).

Following the EP resolution on guaranteeing independent IA and with a view to involving the EP at all stages of the legislative process, in January 2012 a new administrative capability, Directorate G for Impact Assessment and European Added Value was established. Though in the Directorate-General for Internal Policies (DG IPOL), it serves all committees in the Parliament. Its Impact Assessment Unit (IMPA) provides for automatic initial appraisals of the IAs produced by the Commission. The committees may then invite the unit to undertake more detailed analyses or complementary IAs, as well as commission IAs on substantive amendments being considered in the legislative process. The Parliament's Conference of Committee Chairs has been tasked by the Conference of Presidents (of political groups) with coordinating and overseeing such work.
Moreover, the European Added Value Unit (EAVA) provides European Added Value assessments to set out in detail the justification for proposals made to the Commission by the Parliament under Article 225 TFEU. It also drafts "Cost of non-Europe Reports" for major areas of policy where there is still a significant public good to be realised by common action at European level.

The type of services that the Consortium may be called to provide include the following:

Impact Assessment (IA)
•Initial appraisals of all Commission IAs (routine service to EP committees to identify methodological strengths and weaknesses).
•Detailed appraisals of Commission IAs.
•Substitute or alternative IAs.
•IAs on selected amendments during legislative process.

European Added Value (EAV)

•‘Cost on Non-Europe’ Reports.
•European Added Value Assessments (EAVAs) to accompany EP legislative initiative reports.
•Background analysis and papers.
•Analysis of the added value of existing EU policies.

The Coordinator of our consortium is Prof Dr. Cristina Vanberghen Coteanu, Director at the Centre Bigwood, IEE, ULB.

ID: 48406
Publication date: 19/11/13

TED Link: Multiple framework service contract in 11 lots for provision of external expert services in the fields of impact assessment and European added value

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