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Diversity in Banking - ECRC partner the New Economics Foundation has published a report on stakeholder banks to complement and rebalance the existence of private banks.
The NEF in its report puts a case to value different models of banking. It its report, four forms of Stakeholder Banks are identified (Cooperative Banks, Credit Unions, Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs),Public savings banks). 

28 March 2013: Stakeholder Banks

Stakeholder banks have both social and financial objectives, and make a major contribution to financial stability, local economic development, business lending, and financial inclusion. Banking policy should explicitly recognise their role as distinct from that of commercial banks, and aim to promote and preserve them.

Other relevant 2012 publications from the NEF

Energising Money
The world is facing an ecological crisis. Our economic system fails to properly account for the natural resources on which human prosperity depends. But attempts to remedy the problem, for example through environmental taxation, fail to address an elephant lurking in the room: the monetary system. Energy-related money offers a means to improve the qualities of the monetary system, while also stimulating the low-carbon energy transition we urgently need.

Exchange Traded Funds
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are no longer the simple, transparent products they once were.

Where Does Money Come From?
Book to buy: What is money? How is it created? How does it enter into circulation? These are simple and vital questions it might seem, but the answers remain contested and often muddled.

Quid Pro Quo
Banks are fundamentally different from other companies and regulators are letting the industry exploit its unique status to realise excessive profits. This is apparent in its relationships both with the state and with customers. The proposals in the interim report of the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) do not go far enough to achieve a fair deal for either taxpayers or consumers.

Subverting Safer Finance
This report argues that the UK is subverting progress towards a safer financial system, and has become a major barrier to international efforts for reform. Compared even to the US, a jurisdiction with a reputation for market friendly regulation, and other major international jurisdictions, the UK is found to be part of the problem in key areas of financial reform, and not leading the search for solutions.

Towards a 21st Century Banking and Monetary System
nef and Positive Money show why systematic reform of the banking and monetary system is urgently needed.

Good Banking
This is a report of the Good Banking Summit, convened by nef (the new economics foundation) and Compass on Wednesday 25 May 2011.

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