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Conference on the assessment and treatment of overindebtedness - Namur (Belgium), 30th Sept-1st Oct 2010 - Programme and registration

"Regional and local treatment, prevention and assessment of over-indebtedness"

Namur (Belgium), 30th Sept - 1st Oct 2010

Sir, Madam,

Within the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Observatory of Credit and Indebtedness is holding a symposium. This will be about actions implemented by Regions and territorial communities concerning prevention, assessment and treatment of overindebtedness.

Financial exclusion arising from excessive debt and prevention of these have been chosen as relevant topics by the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. They have stressed the importance of promoting better social cohesion and the struggle against social exclusion and poverty.

The EU having being declared 2010 as the “European year for combating poverty and social exclusion”, the Walloon Minister of Health, Social action and Equal opportunities, and Wallonia-Brussels International are willing to hold a debate on the struggle against social exclusion and poverty resulting from excessive debt.

From then on, we are pleased to invite you to the symposium which will take place on the 30th September and 1st October in Namur.

Observatory of Credit and Indebtedness-backed, this symposium will focus on three themes:

- Counseling, assistance and settlement services in the field of debt and over excessive debts;

- Actions which have been taken by territorial communities to prevent excessive debt;

- Assessment measures and policies of overindebtedness.

The activities will be in French and English, with a simultaneous translation.

This symposium will gather expert groups from different Member States of the European Union and will help to demonstrate a European model.

For a more effective European Union’s struggle to overcome over indebtedness, joins us to the debate.

You can register by e-mail, fax (see register form attached).

The Observatory of Credit and Indebtedness 

(the symposium which will take place on the 30th September and 1st October in Namur)

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Publication date: 14/09/10

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