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Malta report on the implementation of the Consumer Credit Directive
As part of the Coalition's work monitoring the implementation of the CCD in the EU Member States, our partner from Malta gives us an update.

(contribution from Paul Micallef)

To date no indication has been given as to how the Government of Malta intends to implement the Consumer Credit Directive. The previous consumer credit directive was implemented in July 2005 with the making of the Consumer Credit Regulations (S.L. 378.10). These regulations icontributed towards the regulation of an area of the law which was until then only very marginally regulated.

It is pertinent to mention that the administration and enforcement of the present consumer credit regulations falls within the remit of the Director of Consumer Affairs. There does not appear to exist a unit with expertise on credit related matters thereby enabling the Director to be in a position to effectively monitor and intervene if there is non-compliance with the consumer credit regulations.

L-Ghaqda tal-Konsumaturi has now written to Government voicing its concern about the lack of indication as to how and when Government intends to implement the new EU consumer credit directive. In doing so Ghaqda has asked Government to consult it prior to the enactment of a new legislative measures. Ghaqda has also voiced its concern on the current regulatory structure, suggesting that these should be strengthened by human resources with expertise on credit matters.”

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Author(s): iff
Publication date: 18/07/09

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