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NATIONAL CONFERENCE – ECRC's partner from Croatia, Personal Finance Counselling Association, promotes the London Declaration to stakeholders in his country.
The Personal Finance Counselling Association’s (PFCA) has held their 5th round table "Personal Finance in Croatia" on November 19, 2008 in Zagreb. It was quite successful and this time the topic was "Credit Crunch, Spending Fever and Consumer Overindebtedness". Over 30 participants attended from credit institutions, banking associations, academia, consumer groups and one trade union; and 20 reporters from press, radio and TV covering the event. Consequently, there has been great media coverage of this stakeholder meeting on debt issues. The press clippings are currently being compiled, though the link below to PFCA’s website has links to their appearances on several commercial TV stations and on prime time news on national TV last Saturday.

Following presentation on state of household finance in Croatia based on research by GfK Croatia Market Research, and presentation on overindebtedness scenarios given by a representative of top ranking at a Croatian bank, Nenad Maljkovic, Project Manager and attendee at the ECRC event in London early November, presented the London Declaration. Croatian translation of the London Declaration was given to all participants and reporters, and was also e-mailed to all Croatian media that afternoon. In addition, by the end of the last week PFCA officially submitted the London Declaration on behalf of their organisation, Personal Finance Counselling Association, to:

- The President of the Republic of Croatia
- Croatian Parliament
- the Government of the Republic of Croatia
- Croatian National Bank
- Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency
- Croatian Economic and Social Council

Since provision of debt advice services in Croatia does not exist (except PFCA activities that started as pilot-project in June 2008), in their cover letter they have proposed to the Croatian Government to focus, as a first step, on point 3 of the London Declaration. Croatian consumer protection organisations are now also discussing whether to launch a campaign that would focus on points 1 and 2 of the London Declaration.

ECRC hopes that other countries will follow the example set by Nenad Maljkovic and his organisation.

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Publication date: 24/11/08

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