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New Ideas on Responsible Credit in the UK? The Office of Fair Trading is to launch year long project into 'responsible lending' and is in contact with ECRC. International ECRC conference in November will soon be open for registration.
The Office of Fair Trading in the UK has announced that it is to start a year long project investigating responsibility in lending in response to calls from ECRC member, Debt on our Doorstep.

The announcement followed national media attention in the UK concerning payday loans, with the BBC broadcasting a live interview with Damon Gibbons on Saturday 26th July. A link is available at (see link below). Further news coverage is likely this week.

Debt on our Doorstep are in contact with the OFT and discussing the nature of the project, and report that the OFT have expressed an interest in discussing the ECRC principles of responsible credit. Ray Watson, Director, Consumer Credit has confirmed that he will speak at the Responsible Credit conference taking place in London on 13th and 14th November.

The programme continues to develop well, with other confirmed speakers at this point including:

Martin Wolf, CBE, Chief Economist and Associate Editor, Financial Times

Adam Land, Director, Remedies and Business Analysis, Competition Commission

Paul Lewis, BBC Broadcaster, Radio 4 Moneybox

Bill Knight, Chair, International Forum for Financial Consumer Protection and Education

Eric Leenders, Executive Director, Retail, British Bankers Association

(Message by Damon Gibbons)

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Publication date: 29/07/08

Link to BBC interview with Damon Gibbons

ECRC Principles of Reponsible Credit

ECRC Subprime Declaration

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