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MAIN ECRC CONFERENCE - “London 2008” - Stakeholders interested in Responsible Credit markets will be meeting again this year. Date for your diaries: 13-14 November 2008 in London.
Our 8th international conference on financial services will take place in London, at the New Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden, London on 13th - 14th November 2008, and will bring together bankers, financial service providers, welfare and consumer organisations, money and debt advisors, policy makers, government officials, and personalities from the world of academia and the media, to discuss the impact of the credit crunch on consumers and to develop an international response.

The event, organised by Inclusion, ECRC, DOOD and US partner NCRC, is being sponsored by Citi, with several other major industry players being approached to help promote the event and the dialogue it is seeking to nurture. The international meeting to go under the title:

“Credit in Crisis - How to achieve Banking for People”

is expected to attract 300 delegates from over 20 countries, and will build on last years ECRC conference in Brussels which developed the principles of responsible credit, by turning these into a call for action.

More details will be disseminated to ECRC partners in the coming weeks and news posted on our website. As the ECRC Steering Committee proceeds to endorse a detailed agenda of issues for the conference programme, we ask you to save the date aside to be present in London: 13th and 14th November 2008. For any questions or early pre-registration notification, please contact the ECRC Secretariat at See you in London, Europe’s financial capital, and let’s try and make this event a success.

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Publication date: 05/05/08

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