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NATIONAL CONFERENCE – German stakeholders will be meeting to discuss responsible credit in a range of issues on 6th and 7th of June 2008. We encourage national stakeholders of other EU Member States to do the same.
The conference will take place in German, but we may be able to cater for those English or French speaking persons wishing to follow discussions.

On the 6th and 7th of June 2008, in Hamburg, the ECRC and the Global CRC will be co-sponsoring the annual German national responsible credit conference organised by the institute for financial services. Alongside host partners from various consumer associations in Germany and the Working-group of the debt advisors association, the events financial sponsors and panel speakers: Citibank, CreditPlus Bank, HASPA, TeamBank, and Volkswagen Bank, will be getting stakeholders of credit and debt markets to participate in the discussions.

Held over 2 days, under the motto „Customer of the Bank - Partner or Opponent“, the first day’s discussions will take place in Hamburg’s former coffee commodity exchange center in the historic warehouse district of the port of Hamburg, while the Saturday sessions will be located in the guest house of the Hamburg University. The two themes for the plenary sessions are: Customers and the relationship with their bank exploring whether the level of trust and behaviour have become a more important factor, and the sale of credit portfolios to investors and the lessons learnt from the short-falls in the existing structured finance set-up. The simultaneous workshops will cover issues ranging from the implications of the new EU Consumer Credit Directive on consumer protection and the threat of over-indebtedness in Germany as it becomes transposed in the Member States throughout 2008, financial education and debate on best-practice and the subtle but significant differences in concepts behind the different schemes, scoring systems used by banks and whether lack of transparency and disadvantageous customer segmentation actually outweigh the actual risk-evaluation technique of the models, and issues of customer-friendliness in a session dedicated to answering the question: What are banks proposing to help customers facing payment difficulties? Furthermore, one workshop will deal with the level of consumer protection in capital investment decisions, and one will deal with small enterprise credit using the example of financing, liquidity needs and risk minimising faced by entrepreneurs exporting their services abroad.

The issues on the Saturday will be particularly interesting for the debt advisors who traditionally show strong attendance. Three simultaneous workshops lasting the whole morning will look in detail at: the best forms and quality criteria of different debt and money advice services, the educational and training priorities in higher education programmes for future professionals of the financial services sector, and the discussion of new product offerings and opportunities for older customers in the field of retirement income. The sole plenary session of the day with the exception of the closing round-table, will focus on the current account, banking facilities for the overindebted, with speakers from outside Germany reporting on their experiences with “banks for the poor”.

The organiser is the Institute for financial services (iff) and they can be contacted either by phone at +49 40 30 96 91 24, by email at . Alternatively you can register online for the event at

(PS: Speakers will be confirmed shortly).

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Link to conference details on our ECRC website (in German)

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