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Discrimination: "28 million unbanked people in the U.S., and 45 million underserved who lack adequate access to credit." US Bank Authorities discuss Minority Banking and Discrimination Issues at Miami Conference on July 31 - Auigust 2, 2007
"The four Federal financial institution of the USA regulatory agencies are hosting an interagency national conference for Federally-insured minority depository institutions (MDIs) on the challenges and issues facing the MDI segment of the banking industry. The conference will be held at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa in Miami Beach, Florida, from July 31- August 2, 2007.

The conference presents a unique opportunity for minority bankers, regulatory officials, and private industry representatives to exchange knowledge and increase awareness on matters affecting MDIs in an informal setting."

In the afternoon the programme provides an interesting panel on access to banking in the US which shows the enormous impact this issue has on responsible financial services. The programme (see link below) reads:

"1:30 – 2:30 p.m. BROADENING ACCESS TO THE FINANCIAL MAINSTREAM (Mediterranean East)

Entering and becoming part of the financial mainstream is in many ways the starting point for economic citizenship in the U.S. Banking relationships provide individuals with the opportunity to save, borrow, invest, and build a credit record. It increases their participation in credit markets, and ultimately
housing markets, which can promote stable neighborhoods and better living conditions.
A study estimated that there are 28 million unbanked people in the U.S., and 45 million underserved who lack adequate access to credit. This session will explore methods being used to promote economic inclusion through expanding access to the financial mainstream.

Panelists: Robert W. Mooney, Acting Deputy Director, Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; Alden J. McDonald, Jr., President and CEO, Liberty Bank, New Orleans,Louisiana.; Floyd Weekes, Executive Vice President, Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company, Nashville, Tennessee; and Andrew B. Stirling, Special Advisor to the Office of Public Affairs Director, Federal Deposit Insurance

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Draft Agenda of the Conference

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