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ECRC FOUNDED at BRUSSELS CONFERENCE - Brussels conference a large success. SERVICE: Photos of the conference and Conference Reader for Download here,
The Brussels conference brought together 153 experts from 28 countries in four continents speaking more than 18 different languages. European politicians from national governments, the EU-Parliament, the International Labour Organisation, Central Banks, banking authorities, the Economic and Social committee of the EU and (while DG Internal Market and DG SANCO did not respond to our invitations) DG Enterprise discussed in twelve workshops and three plenary sessions where 74 presentations were made with bankers from big and small banks with stakeholders in banking from nearly all major consumer organisations, welfare and money advice institutions, research institutes and faith based initiatives questions of responsible credit, social credit, overindebtedness, financial education and fair finance. The results are in the annexed reader. Summaries of the workshops will follow.

The conference was a starting point for the new European Coalition for Responsible Credit. A number of organisations and individuals have volunteered for an initial steering board. iff will take care of its administration during the next month.


• present its seven principles of responsible credit which had been widely accepted by all NGO speakers at the conference for signature to all stakeholder from non-for profit organisations and institutions as well as to individual experts and also the supplier side,

• solicit more membership especially in those countries who had not yet been active for the ECRC,

• found an International Coalition for Responsible Credit and Community Reinvestment between ECRC and NCRC open to organisations from other continents and states,

• initiate national conferences and meetings in spring and summer 2007 in as many countries as possible to

• prepare the next international conference to be held at the same premises in Brussels on September 14/15, 2007.

• continue the four websites and decentralise the responsibility for its contents to national organisations still on the basis that all websites store their information in one database from where it can be translated and appear on the other websites too.


The conference reader with all contributions, speeches and reports is ready for download here. A print version for the price of 100 € can be ordered alike.

A selection of 40 photos have been made which show speakers and participants in public and private talks.


Here some of the immediate reactions to the conferencE.

“ a huge and heartfelt thanks for organising last week's conference - a great success, both in managing to get such a broad representation of groups/people/nations to come, and for the quality of the programme (and practical organisation) of the event itself. Whilst there is clearly a huge diversity of culture, legislation and experience across Europe it did feel that we were feeling ourselves towards a shared agenda - although there is also obviously a long way to go!” Niall Cooper (Church Action on Poverty)

“Well done on the conference in Brussels. A really good event and a good beginning for ECRC.”
Pat Conaty (New Economics Foundation)

“bravo, das war eine sehr gelungene Konferenz! Sachbezogen, informativ, viele neue Kontakte. Bin bereichert zurückgekommen." Bernd Balkenhol (ILO)

« Nous tenons à vous remercier très sincèrement pour nous avoir invité à participer à votre conférence. Nous avons apprécié l'organisation, les contacts et bien sur la qualité des débats. Nous espérons continuer cet échange pour qu'enfin le crédit responsable devienne une réalité! » Vanessa Dagand (UFC Que-Choisir)

“Thank you for directing all your energies to organise that successful conference” Emmanuel Masset-Denevre (INC)

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Publication date: 18/05/06

ORDERFORM for the PRINT VERSION: Conference Report 2006 (Hardcopy)

Look at your Photos from the Conference

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