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General Strategic Analysis Volkskredietbank Appingedam, Netherlands
- a public bank to support overindebted people in the Netherlands
Value chain of the volkskredietbank
(a public bank to support overindebted people in the Netherlands)
by Harro Norder

Putting the primary activities in a value chain, a simplification of the reality is there. The key job is “reallocating money”

The first step is the front office department. Individuals or HR-managers of company do make a appointment. At this point the financial problems are made clear, the financial crisis (energy department/ housing company) is temporised and a plan for solving the problem is made. At this point internal and external observers are aware of the added value at this point.

The second step is the logistic of the incoming money. Organizing and controlling the incoming money (about 50 till 60 million euro’s a year) and matching it with the right client is in about 20 % an hand done job. For sure this internal financial logistic does ad value to the first step, however the importance will only be clear for clients when it did went wrong.

The third step is strongly client and specialist related. According to the made appointments between them about what to do with the money and how to solve the problems to what time schedule. In this area the back office departments are active. Adding their specialization to the process it becomes clear that value is added to the made appointments.

The fourth step is realising the financial appointments within the given time (3 years or shorter). And doing it so that the families are ready to do their own job after this period again. This rather complex activity does add visual value to the external organisations. The reliability of the made appointments is a important point.

The fifth step is the communication part during the process. Informing the clients, the external organisations and the local government makes the situation complete. It becomes clear what is done. Informing at several levels what is done, does add value to the organisation. The more the activities are known the better the argumentation for the organisations are there.

The supporting activities for the primaries are divided in three parts.
The HRM completes the employee part of the company. Developing skills and training for the job are important elements. Enriching the employees by adopting the Pareto principle does stimulate them doing their job with extra motivation. The high level of skills is seen as an valuable element.

The second supporting element is the level of technology. Being absolute in the front of developing technical stuff (bank card for social clients, moneyboxes without pincode, digital documents and so one) creates a strong position in the market. Being a member of the bank is seen as an important political decision, for the local government.

The attractiveness for external companies for dealing with an certificated organisation and the proven level of quality by having the iso 9001-2000 can also been seen as a added valued aspect.


Mr. Harro Norder is director of the Volkskredietbank in Holland. The company does serve a region of 200.000 inhabitants with 45 employees. In a technical way the Volkskredietbank is very sophisticated and is been seen as the “primus inter pares” in Holland. The company does have realised a iso 9001-2000 certification with a cum laude notation.

- member of the advice board Nibud
- member of the advice board Progresz
- board member NVVK
- Director volkskredietbank
- President hdb insurance

During several jobs as a business consultant additional educations were realised. Two different bachelor degrees in economics are realised and a degree for teaching economics. Recently a Masters degree (executive MBA) is realised at the Hanze university of Groningen and the Utah state university in Salt lake city

Social setting
Mr Norder is married and has 5 (4+1) children.

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